AFEO Elevator Orientors

Automatic Feeder Company Inc. is your source for the highest quality stainless steel and standard wipe-down elevator orientors. Our space saving design incorporates the prefeeder hopper and feeder into one unit, conserving floor space. Hoppers have a live bottom (conveyor) to meter product into the feeder to eliminate product damage. Our design keeps the hopper load heights low to minimize operator fatigue. Standard units are available with 6” to 48” wide conveyors. Custom heights are built into each unit. Standard orientors are tooled for one cap, with options for additional cap sizes. Elevators can orient caps from 24mm to 120mm diameter. PLC controls are standard with each unit and feed rates range from 100 to 3,000 parts per minute. Each orientor can be further customized with discharge tracks, discharge conveyors, and hopper covers.

AFEO Standard / Wipedown Elevator Orientors

AFEP Hopper with Optional Hopper Modification for Reduced Loading Height
AFEO-12 Elevator Orientor with Optional Lexan Hopper Cover and Return Chute
Reverse Side of AFEO-12 with Rear Mounted Control Panel
Hopper View

AFEO-SS Stainless Steel Elevator Orientors

AFEO-SS Elevator Orientors

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